Thursday, November 30, 2006

We don't put up a fight anymore...

Does this image look strange? Outdated? Cool? Does it disrupt your flow? Your work decompression? Your TV time? Can you see yourself in this picture?
Probably not.

"We've never been a very adventurous people. Americans not only cannot grasp ideology, they don't need it," says Gore Vidal in V Magazine. There's plenty this man says that I disagree with, but this broad statement seems to ring true for the present (not the past). The USA is a look out for #1 republic. Our media, which could inspire us and shake us from our selfish pursuits (and incite us to riot in the streets) is there instead "to celebrate corporate America." And hypnotize us into overstimulated consuming machines, I would add.

If, for example, the Neocon Republicans are guided by oil gangsters, jacked-up on Jesus, who control the judiciary, (and therefore the last two presidential election outcomes) and are hellbent on enacting an agenda that serves their warped, anti-human, wrong side of history worldview, then what are we doing sitting here? What are you going to do?

Just like I don't know what to do about the bogus and wildly expensive "fix-it" ticket I received from an anal moto-cop, Americans don't know what recourse they have when they sense corruption or wrong or change for the worse. Politics are corrupt is the assumption, it's better to focus on what's in front of you. And that's an attitude many politicians enjoy and engender.

Taking it to the streets? No, We tried that. The hippies. They were smelly, idealistic, vainglorious, troublemakers. They messed up the country. So that's it? There's no more dissent because of the 60s and 70s? That's pretty sad. Yes, but since when does protesting work anyway? They don't listen. So we don't care. Today's protesters always sound so thin in the voice. So vulnerable. So futile. What can stir us from our slumber? Don't ask. You probably don't want to know (if it hasn't occured to you already). You mean 9/11? Well if you call that an awakening. Some would say it's become just another layer of obfuscation.


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