Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Did Nixon eat Wooly Mammoth?

I have a distinct memory of being told as a youngster that Richard Nixon ate Wooly Mammoth with some Chinese politicians on his trip there in 1972. I was four in 1972, and yes, the memory plays tricks, but I'm telling you Nixon ate Mammoth (or was it Mastadon?). They found the 10,000 year-old shaggy pachyderm frozen in the Siberian tundra, they made some burgers, and ate the damn thing at a velvet-draped banquet. So why can't I find anything about this on the internets?

The spoiled sports over at Wikipedia are trying to rain on my parade with this:

"To date, thirty-nine preserved bodies have been found, but only four of them are complete. In most cases the flesh shows signs of decay before its freezing and later desiccation. Stories abound about frozen mammoth corpses that were still edible once defrosted, but the original sources (e.g. William R. Farrand's article in Science 133 [March 17, 1961]:729-735) indicate that the corpses were in fact terribly decayed, and the stench so unbearable that only the dogs accompanying the finders showed any interest in the flesh."

But I'm not buying it. There have been hoaxes in the past. It's a cover up. Nixon ate Mammoth... Or was it Bigfoot?


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