Saturday, April 28, 2007

Penetrating Wind...

The image of hexagram 57 is that of a gentle wind dispersing storm clouds.

A wind that changes direction often, even a very powerful one, will disperse nothing- it only stirs up the sky. The wind that causes real change is the one that blows consistently in the same direction.

When faced with a difficult problem to resolve or a goal we wish to achieve, we often are tempted to take striking and energetic actions. Though it is possible to achieve temporary results in this fashion, they tend to collapse when we cannot sustain the vigorous effort. More enduring accomplishments are won through gentle but ceasless penetration, like that of a soft wind blowing steadily in the same direction. The truth of the sage penetrates to us in this way, and this hexagram comes now to remind you that this is how you should seek to penetrate to others.

The advice given to you is threefold. First, establish a clear goal; the wind that continually changes direction has no real effect. Second, apply the principle of gentle penetration to yourself; by elimating your own inferior qualities you earn influence over others. Third, avoid aggressive or ambitious maneuvers now, these are rooted in desire and fear and will only serve to block the aid of the Creative. The desirable influence is the one that flows naturally from maintaining a proper attitude.

In your interactions with others, bend like the willow. By remaining adaptable, balanced, accepting, and independent, and by steadily moving in a single direction, you gain the clarity and strength that make possible a series of great successes.

(From the I Ching, Hexagram 57: "Sun- The Gentle - Wind over Wind")


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