Monday, April 23, 2007

Quarterly Report...

As Gazpachot enters its sixth quarter, there is much to celebrate. The site remains ad free, our staff of writers and researchers continue to work tirelessly and without incident for a daily spoonful of Fancy Feast, and our humble awards shelf has been converted into a thousand-foot-long glass encased awards hallway. We couldn't have done it without you of course, and so please accept our pre-invitation to the upcoming all-expenses-paid "Gazpachot Retreat on Mustique" this coming winter.

Some of you have noted, in emails, the scarcity of comments on Gazpachot (which I find slightly ironic). Others have noted that the process of leaving comments now requires registering with Google. I know, I'm sorry. It's innevitable that we will all become card-carrying Googlites and Wikipetes in the years ahead.

As for the comments themselves, or lack thereof, what can I say? I know from the stat counter that more than three hundred of you are looking at the site a day. Some for less than a fraction of a nanosecond, others for more than an hour. If you are shy or lazy or underwhelmed or fingerless or rendered feeble by this little blog, so be it.

Maybe blogs have jumped the shark? Maybe we here should just stick to our other passtime - counting Priuses as they whir silently by in the affluent neighborhoods of LA? I don't know. All I do know is that we find ourselves compelled to start the day wrestling with a vague notion and cobbling it into a digital artifact. What happens after that, we allow to be out of our hands.

All that said, enjoy yourselves, enjoy the site, don't be afraid to chime in if you feel the urge, and please stay tuned for more slanted musings and churning bile from the cockles of our soupy hearts.


Blogger Nick said...

Great blog Pablo!
Good to hear things are well.

8:21 AM  

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