Friday, April 13, 2007

How accurate are the signs?

I've always believed in a richly symbolic world, where all things and actions are connected to some deeper archetypal or mythological or obscured aspect of our consciousness. The love of mythology, Jung, Joseph Campbell, surrealism, dream logic, of letting one thing represent another, is in my family, and was certainly a huge part of my college experience. The sense has always been: we do what we do to personalize the patterns of our destiny, to monitor our free will, to experience the uniqueness of our snowflake in the blizzard, to live our Hero's journey across well worn pathways.

But lately, I've been asking myself, what if all things and actions aren't just the tip of a massively submerged iceberg? What if they are simply "real" and all of this symbolic graftwork is simply the act of shrouding "reality" in cloaks of "non-reality"? What if I am missing the full feeling of reality and altering it to derive some vague symbolic value? What if I am using these symbols as a lens to warp non-compliant reality to my unresolved unconscious needs? I've already established that needs from our past predominate those from our present. Is this attempt to find meaning elsewhere, in the mystical realms, just neurotic behavior? Should we strive to experience the moment as the moment and stop adorning it with our symbolic baggage? Or, is the richness of life contained in this symbolic living, in appreciating the parallelity and mystery of dreams and myth and reality?

It's definitely a mind-bender. The plot thickens once again...
I wonder what the IRS would have to offer to this quandary?


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