Monday, April 09, 2007

Saddam's relics...

"[Iraq] is trying to figure out whether to save [Saddam's monuments] as memorials to history or wipe them out. The debate goes to the core of the nation's effort to redefine itself and reconcile with its painful past. In recent weeks the matter has crystallized around Iraq's most famous landmark, the Victory Arch, two sets of gargantuan swords held by giant fists modeled after Mr. Hussein's. The government had begun to tear it down, but an influential lobby, including the American Embassy, has blocked the dismantling for the time being."

-NYTimes Sunday, April 8

One can't help but wonder, is it really America's decision what stays and what goes? I mean, obviously our "influence" is real, but what effect can this influence have on a young nation? And why would we want to keep these arches in place? I doubt the reason is aesthetic. As the old saying goes: "When smashing idols, save the pedestals. They may come in handy."


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