Saturday, April 14, 2007

Odds and Ends...

1) I want to temper my rant against I AM LUCKY Water and the folks at Aquamantra. They, specifically, are not evil or insincere and I didn't mean to imply that. They are essentially doing what many 21st C upstarts are doing, using the marketplace to spread what they consider to be something good for the world. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell the innocent water bearers from the wolves in sheep's clothing. Furthermore, I'm a little wary of a world where good intentions are funneled into the marketplace. It's like feeding baby bunnies to a monster - perhaps the monster starts to look better, fuzzier, cuter, but it's still a monster. I will say one more thing about I AM LUCKY: That same day after I drank my first bottle, my bank owned up to a $92 error in my favor. When was the last time that happened? Why never of course...

2) I've officially decided that I am NOT the kind of person who enthusiastically says, "Keepin' Busy!" in response to the question, "How's it going?" Don't get me wrong, busy is not bad, but busy for the sake of busy, raising "busy" as the ultimate flag of fulfillment, is a neurotic impulse super-reinforced by an alienated society of drones being taken advantage of by a gluttonous economy.

3) I could not bring myself to cut a peanut butter and jelly sandwich diagonally. All other "adult" sandwiches get sliced from corner to corner round these parts. Why does the PB&J merit the down the middle cross-cut?

4) Today I finish my taxes. I know, last minute, but I'm doing them myself, and it's been a horror. Truly. Can I tell you that yesterday, after six solid hours of filling out forms and refilling out forms and guessing what's what, and getting lost in the nauseating, nail-biting minutiae of tax law, what a sheer pleasure it was to go to the gym and watch old footage of Led Zeppelin kick out the jams on the in-house music channel... I howled with uncontrollable laughter at their sweaty poses, peacock seriousness, and wicked pyrotechnics. Who did their taxes? Did Jimmy Page ever fill out form 8829? What a wonderful world of contrasts we live in!


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