Monday, April 16, 2007

Anatomy of a Nightmare...

The truth is out there. Or is it in us? We put a premium on its value because finding truth is extremely difficult. Fantasy, on the other hand (aka delusion, aka, denial, aka neurosis) is a cheap date and can be easily found swiggling around on just about any old corner of the psyche.

Emotional truth, comes to us in our dreams cloaked in mesmerizing symbols that baffle and prod us gently as we sleep. A nightmare then, is when a deep emotional truth breaks through its symbolic cloak and reveals itself to our brain unadorned. This is a painful and jarring experience. We can feel the extent of the disruption when we awake from a nightmare, sweaty, heart pounding, terrified. The truth hurts. This is why so many of us opt for fantasy and symbolic living.

Are we meant to seek the truths that lurk within? Is the pain a deterrent or a necessary toll for self-enlightenment? Are truth-seekers then, masochists by default? If you've uncovered a great deal of truth, what are your dreams like? Are they less symbolic and more realistic? And finally, how does the truth benefit us and can we handle the responsibilities that awareness demands?


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