Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Black Hobo Cats of the Hollywood Hills...

Looking for a pet? The Black Hobo Cats of the Hollywood Hills have a warm and clownish character, lustrous coats, fat bellies, deep, complex souls, and a touch of snobbery that seems wholely unjustified. It's not unlikely that these are the descendents of cats owned by Charlie Chaplin or Lauren Bacall. The hills are swarming with these incredible animals, and several times a year you will spot the kittens hiding behind your car tires or sleeping high in the branches of a lemon tree. Quite simply, they make the best feline pet one could hope for - they are independent, clean, low maintenance, fantastic and gracefull entertainers, and magnificent bed lumps that breathe gently in the night by your side. They are also fastidious molecule rearrangers. That's what they're doing when they sit around for hours "doing nothing": They are monitoring the flow of energy, making micro-adjustments so that the galaxies might glide past one another smoothely. If you find one and want to take it home, know this first: the hobo cat must find you. Choose you. How will you know? You will know.

(photo by Paul Gachot)


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