Friday, May 11, 2007

Animals who mock us...

I've pretty much determined that the vocally gifted bird who starts emoting right outside my window at 5AM is a mockingbird. If there was an avian equivalent of ADD, this guy's got it. The "song" consists of a never ending succession of 3 to 5 second blasts of electronic sounding sirens - car alarms to be precise. There are more "natural" chirps interspersed in there, but overall this bird is making heaps of industrial noise. Like channels switching on a TV. I can take a foul mouthed parrot, but a mockingbird who mocks Western Civilization (and LA car culture) while I'm trying to sleep is just too much mockery to bear.

("A Blue Faced Female Black-Naped Monarch Whispers the Secrets of the World to Me, But I Am Unimpressed" by Gracia Haby)


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