Thursday, May 31, 2007

The epiphanies of heroes...

In certain types of lives, if the stars align, there may be a precise moment where the balance tips and the visionary individual can no longer suppress themselves. They've tried to play by the rules. They've tried to fit in. But why? When Elvis stood in front of that microphone for the first time at Sun Studios, something in him snapped and something else emerged. When Jacques Cousteau first saw a movie camera he knew he would dedicate his life to revealing "the blue continent" to the world. These are the mythological breakthroughs that in time become pillars of our human history and catalysts of our evolving consciousness.
My question: How many of these moments, for one reason or another, go unrecognized? How many visionaries and heroes and guiding lights have lived and died in quiet desperation because they caught the 5:10 bus instead of the 5:15?

("Music School" by Stu Mead)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, it's bad enough to worry about missing the bus that your true love was on... now you want to turn it into something about unexpressed genius!?

12:10 PM  

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