Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No dead fish in the workplace...

Happy to report that things are better now in corporate Gazpachotland. I was able to restrain my lobsters and allow the better outcome to prevail. Good me! I'll be busy as hell in June so the posts may be lean.

When and if I find myself again in charge of a corporate/group-work environment, I will a host a monthly "Air Your Grievances Day," in which we all gather round the office plant, and whereupon anyone can come forth, take hold of the speaking sticky-pad, and without repercussions of any kind, speak their uncensored mind about the workplace environment. Total verbal amnesty. The grievances may sting, they may exacerbate new problems, but they will keep the human dynamic alive and bring forth all those niggling little bugaboos that undermine quality-of-life under fluorescent lights. The seafood on the table will always be fresh in my professional domain.


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