Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Face forward ...

Do certain faces belong to certain decades or historical eras, or is it just fashion and the media and crude stereotyping and selection that lead us to believe so? Forget hair and make-up. They are obviously plastic. Just the face - It's hard to picture certain ones existing outside of certain timeframes, but that's just crazy talk. Biology does not adhere to our passing aesthetics. And yet the spirit of the day does seem to favor certain looks. Certain facial architectures do seem as consciously designed for a time as certain buildings or cars or fonts.

And as much as there are faces that are dead ringers for their times, Hollywood, rock music and fashion magazines seem to have a special knack for inserting new types of faces into our psyches - faces of evolutionary beauty and horror that seem to add new chapters to the narrative of our curated modernity. I had a list of names to offer as a follow up to this statement, but the list made me cringe. Choose your own illusions.

(Tom Ewell, a face for the 50's, and some blonde with pointy boobs.)


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