Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sunny Disposish...

Oliver Sach's new New Yorker piece, "The Abyss," the story of a severely amnesic English gentleman, is a must read. Not only does it plummet into the many meanings of memory and how, when it's working, it serves to create a continuous reality for us, but it also, quite inadvertently, offers an uproariously accurate "diagnosis" of a certain, classic British bonhomie - a chatty, upbeat self-possession, a loquacious worldview as ordered and uninterrupted as a song bird or symphonic music. It is something I've always found to be extremely charming and fascinating. I referred to it as Wilberforce Syndrome, after one Bertram Wilberforce "Bertie" Wooster, but of course it can take several forms.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a complete Wooster and Jeeves DVD set. Watching them all the time is acceptable background noise for my life. It's like meditation. Also it's such a nice period, No atom bomb, no Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, McCarthyism, having to pay taxes so some idiot can spy on people like John Lenon.

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