Friday, September 21, 2007

In the wake of "The Last Wave"...

The last scene of Peter Weir's The Last Wave is terrifying! What magnificent, horrific tsunami dreams it will give you. The psychological concept of being enveloped by a giant all-destroying wave is familiar. It can manifest itself religiously as a sense of impending doom or Armageddon. It can manifest itself as pessimism - a sense that things are more bad than good accompanied by secret wishes of being washed away by a cleansing death wave. Or you can see it in slow motion: The shiny, soul-sapping machine we've been so busy building for the last hundred odd years has sucked our core humanity out to sea, and now a cushy wave of comfort and mass sedation has enveloped us, buffering us from the pain and fear of being alive; extinguishing the very fuel that makes us potentially interesting beings. In this sceneario we will continue to document and spectate upon our fantasies, recreated in slick and addicting media, but the rules and urges for actual engagement and exploration are buried somewhere deep in Davy Jones' Locker. Cowabunga!


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