Saturday, March 22, 2008

Introducing PINATALAB!

Sarah has a shiny new business in the surprisingly under-explored field of deluxe piñata making. She's been perfecting her craft over the last couple of years and she's ready to take her custom-built paper-maché works to you the people.

These are really, truly beautiful objects - a great part of the process is priming a crowd of friends into a frisky enough state to take a whiffle bat to these magnificent creations. (I think of them as excellent examples of temporary art.) Having partaken in all of the piñata prototypes, I can say that something wonderfully primal occurs when the bat comes out - maximum festivity. Here's actor John C. Reilly and others getting into the swing of things at a recent Pinatalab field test.

What's inside? Whatever you want. Typically, the adult versions feature tiny bottles of booze, exotic Russian chocolates, strange toys, and lots of shimmering bling. Kids? No problem. For Christmas Sarah made a pull-string Santa that required no beating, no violence, no booze. The room was full of screaming tots jolted into paroxysms of piñata-induced joy. Crazy great!

Visit PINATALAB now!


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