Monday, March 17, 2008


Growing up, there was a saying around the Gazpachot household... could have been a sassy embroidered pillow, if those darling things had existed around our home. It went like this:

"We make complicated what is simple, and the powers of darkness rejoice!"

I would say that the "powers of darkeness" alluded to here are really the processes of our clever consciousness. Each sparkling strand of neural twine tries to squeeze as much information out of a perception as possible. In other words, our collective neural net hates to scan the present and come up with a half-full load. Wanting to reach its complexity quota, consciousness can decide to "complicate" a moment by forcing us to do double takes and second guessing what is plainly before us. In short, consciousness holds the power to invoke doubt.

Like me, I think you sometimes get briefly overwhelmed by the perceived complexity of issues. Regarding this, may we all learn a thing or two from our current president, who seems to have no trouble smoothing every sharp corner and smoldering powderkeg into a goofy game of Tee Ball. I'm not kidding - it's his greatest asset.


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