Monday, April 07, 2008

WaMu is so evil...

I'm so angry, my head actually exploded. As I write this there is only a steaming smoke stack where my head used to be.

I received a high-limit credit card in the mail from Washington Mutual, a bank I have never belonged to or even considered (excepting their annoying re-branding, re-naming blitz). All I had to do was call and activate the card! It said on the card that I had been a member since 2002. Immediately, I thought identity theft. I called the "WaMu" phone number from the letter and quickly got lost in a hall of mirrors - a string of supposedly live WaMu phone operators who were more automated and frustrating than the computerized ones. All they wanted was my social security number, no one could begin to understand my situation. Thoroughly believing I was being scammed by some WaMu impersonators, I hung up and went to the WaMu website. The number to call was the same as the number that came with the card. Jeez, did these scammers hijack the site or could WaMu really employ such eeeediots? Finally, a semi-cognizant manager told me that WaMu had purchased another credit card company I had briefly used in 2002 for a card with a $500 limit.

Let's recap:

Washington Mutual is in the business of sending unsolicited high-limit credit cards to the mail boxes of people who used another credit card company six or more years ago. They do not check whether those people might still live at those addresses. NO WHERE in the letter that they send out does it list ANY information about the APR of the enclosed card. It could be 40% or more. No worries - Just activate and use!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we in a little trouble right now from all of this irresponsible money lending? I mean I'm sure that WaMu's aims are altruistic, and I guess it just never occurred to them how some people might actually be tempted to activate and start using those "free" credit cards they send out. Someone should really alert these nice bankers so no one gets hurt...

Jeremiah Wright thinks that God may not be blessing America? Boy is he crazy! I mean with all the nice things we do to our own people and our neighbors, you'd think God would be showering us with hundred dollar bills by now.
Sheesh, what's His problem?


Blogger Babycakes said...

I think Mexico and the credit card companies should get together... It is human nature not to want to pay bills too. I suppose a lot of people would get shot then, however.
Credit cards are consumerism's way to enslave the not so wealthy. And the consumerees just get wealthier. Until this all just implodes - is that what's happening?

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