Sunday, November 02, 2008

Neuro breaking and entering...

I've been having disquieting flashes lately where I realize that I'm not thinking like I used to. You too?

I'm seeing things differently and feeling a whole new set of micro-headaches, that are different from the old micro-headaches that were reliably mine all mine. I can't characterize this new head-warp other than to say it's just altered, with all the hallmarks of something that has been altered. The fingerprints of others. And there are definite minuses - things one could easily associate with aging - difficulty focusing, fatigue, less crackling bouts of inspiration, etc.

I'm not saying that some secret government agency is tinkering with our brains. I'm just saying that I when listen to my friends, and I hear them saying things that I am thinking, almost word for word, on an alarmingly regular basis, well... it would make sense that someone, somewhere is using technology to explore these realms.

Then again, maybe the old mind was the controlled mind, and this new mind is actually the first taste of freedom from the all controlling beam of the brainwash machine? I mean let's face it, all that non-conformist thought and rebelliousness was so cumbersome. Free at last!

("Lovebite" by Laurie Lipton)


Blogger pigatschmo said...

If you have a drink, you will go back to your "normal" state. If on the other hand you are enjoying the new stuff, carry on.

5:36 PM  

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