Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spiraling inward sleepy...

The coming of Fall introduces a whole series of new challenges to us as we are torn away from our Summer bodies and minds. Leanring to accept, expect, and yes, love, these changes, can make all the difference in your annual evolution as a person.

Perhaps the most pronounced changes we begin to experience in the month of October (in the Northern Hemisphere) are the layers of tiredness we discover. These layers have been masked throughout the warm and sunny, Vitamin D soaked Summer months, eclipsed by a more playful and laid back attitude triggered by childhood memories of this magical season.

As Autumn arrives and the Earth shifts away from the sun, our physical space changes, gravity lines shift, and our little bodies are wrenched into new realms of physics. It's a shock! This manifests itself in waves of sleepiness that come and go. You are going subterranean. Get chthonic baby. Sometimes upon awaking from a deep sleep, you will pass through a strong moment of wakefulness and then be drawn immediately back to an even deeper sleep. It is part of the age old cycle our species has come to know as it adapts to life on a spinning orb, that orbits a flaming ball.

Psychologically, the deep sleep puts us back in touch with aspects of our unconscious that have been sleeping under shady trees through the supremely physical and extroverted Summer months. This too is a shock, of course. Did you forget how big and complex it can get as you shiver under your bedcovers?


Anonymous vivian d. said...

my balance gets off, if ya know what I mean....

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