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For more information please set aside a little time to watch...


If you give it your attention, it will change your life.
And yes, it's brand new, Part II.

Read about resource economy here.

(Model "Arch" by Jacque Fresco, courtesy of The Venus Project)


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Assume that every individual is born with a natural tendency to be a good person with no need for conflict or competition, no roots in abuse or mental illness to cause a searching for answers and the elusive "why?". No disassociation when the answer is not found; no acting out in violent ways when reasons elude discovery. A cycle that has been turning and evolving for millions of years. No overstaying our welcome, taking more than one's share, abusing generosity, dependence, need for attention, jealousy, revenge, running away, regret, irrationality. Most likely an end to fear. An end to searching for answers that do not directly apply to a life of resource living on earth. At the core, this solution assumes total ego fulfillment for every individual. Does the psychology of humans go there?

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