Thursday, October 16, 2008

Constructive curiosity...

Can any of the problems we face actually be solved in the current economic and political climate? Yes, the money can be shuffled around, the middle class can get some breaks, the environment can receive a band aid, the wars can be rethought, the educational system can be reconfigured, the economy can be bolstered. Action, yes... Solutions? No. Solutions are possible, but they will require deep change, a new system, a letting go of old ideas and arrangements, a quantum leap in human progress. A re-design of culture.

"Well that's not going to happen," you say. But why do you say it? Ask yourself, and for every "because" answer you give, ask yourself again, "But why?" It's an interesting game to play out - you will generally end up at some variant of "Because that's just the way it is..." Is this an astute observation, or a confession of powerlessness? Either way, you're screwed. So what's the way out? Instead of "Never gonna happen," try asking instead, "What might be a way forward?" or "How might our planet prime itself for the changes it truly needs?" These subtle changes in thought can have huge ramifications of course. Collectively, we think the future we get.

(photo by Thobias Faldt, inspiration from The Venus Project)


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