Thursday, June 11, 2009


Aging American men are a peculiar breed. Becoming one, I'm scanning the crowds in search of a respectable roll model (no typo).

Lately, I'm particularly on the lookout for what I'm calling "BOMBJ"s: Bearded Old Men in Bomber Jackets. These thick gray wolves travel alone, they think, but packs of them can be easily spotted at trade shows, free outdoor concerts, and digital photography stores. When that jacket zipper's at half mast, you might just sneak a peak at the corporate logo on their golf shirts. I'm not sure I can pull this look off yet, but by the seams of my Dockers, I'm going to get practicing.

This guy's a little too neat, but you try Googling or Binging "Old Man in a Bomber Jacket" and see what you come up with... Incidentally, Bing - really?


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