Saturday, October 10, 2009

They put drugs in those drugs...

I had a cold yesterday, the old sore throat, hair hurting, muscle aches kind. So Sarah gave me some proper industrial strength cold medicine and put me to bed. It did the trick, the pains went and I slept for 11 hours. Awake now, the cold has greatly diminished, but I can still feel dancing pink elephants coursing through my veins. My thoughts feel as though they are being processed through an oriental carpet. My body hovers over the bed as I watch myself type this. My fingers are telephone poles slapping at garbage can lids.

They put drugs in everything in America, because they need us to buy things we simply wouldn't in our right minds. These drugs take the form of advertising copy and imagery, economic policy, fast food, and sexy packaging. In other words, I probably don't need a $9000 white Leica M8, but the drugs make me want one (that is, until it turns greasy-mitts gray after two day's use, then the drugs wear off.).


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