Monday, January 04, 2010


Happy New Years to all. It's been four plus years since this blog was conceived, and I still have no sense at all as to what kind of life it leads beyond my fingertips. It doesn't matter. I do it for the sheer joy of setting a feedback loop in motion between my consciousness and my computer and out into the digital cosmos - perhaps encountering a consciousness or two along the way. (Where does all of this digital information go by the way?)

Anyhow, I resolve to find the strength and the discipline to separate the dreaming from the doing in the areas that really matter this year. And to wisely manage the various life forces needed for goals, survival, and basic cosmic existence. I ask for your support in this dear universe, dear readers, dear friends!



("I, the world, things, life" by Jacob Dahlgren)


Anonymous Hone said...

You've my support...

Does Blogspot have a hit monitoring capability for the blog owner?

10:29 AM  
Blogger Louise said...

Your blog is mysterious and strange, and I come back week after week. It is very different than anything else I read. Please continue.

Happy New Year. May peace and understanding meet you in 2010.

5:20 PM  

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