Saturday, March 20, 2010

You do it because nobody else will...

It was about the frame. How far you can push it? How close can I get to something using the camera? There has to be an environment that allows you to look at something new again. Bobby was in my psyche from childhood. Making the film there wasn't much call for words. So let's not talk. Let's just look. Let's just follow. Let's observe before we make a judgment about anything. Let's just allow people to enter a space and look with their eyes. Listen to the architecture, the sense of space. The architecture makes the images. In cinema, people have so much knowledge all you have to do is present them with the information they already have and allow them to fill in the space. The director's job is to make people lean in. They're dancing with ghosts.

- Steve McQueen on his film, Hunger, about Bobby Sands and the Irish "Troubles".

Brutal, beautiful and unsettling, Hunger uses violence to disquiet viewers’ laid-back moviegoing habits. - NY Press.

(Feces smeared cell in the Maze prison, near Belfast, during the Dirty Protest.)


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