Monday, October 18, 2010

Oversees Overseas Happenings...

Ultimate job title. How might this go... Hmm... Picture the description...

Has strong background in art, music, film, events, writing, publishing, and media. Visionary conceptualizer - original, game changing ideas a must. The ideal candidate will be an exceptional writer and media-maker, enthusiastic traveler, competent photographer, seasoned reporter, and creative problem solver. Great with people, sensitive to other cultures, able to lead creative teams, develop ideas, self-directed, adaptable, responsible, and energetic. Our organization creates one-of-a-kind media and events that offer audacious creativity and unconventional presentation in service of forward-looking ideas and endeavors.

Well I've just convinced myself of my own fantasy. Anyone hiring on the other side of my skull? Seems like a logical adjunct to launching my own projects, wouldn't you say?


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