Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Shepherding Syntonia...

What comes naturally to you and how does that stuff fare as you put it out there in the big real world? If you're in the head business, you will call that which is fundamental to you, the behaviors and ideas you have that reflect your beliefs and values, this: Syntonic. At the other end of the spectrum, Dystonic refers to thoughts, impulses, and behaviors that are felt to be repugnant, distressing, unacceptable or inconsistent with one's self-concept.

In the good movie The Secret in Their Eyes, bad guys are found and mysteries are solved when our heroes consider the syntonic behavior. "A man never changes his passion," says one of the characters, and this is the key to seeing through veils of confusion and deceit. In other words, people will naturally seek out their own syntonic behavior.

Taking the concept a little further, have you noticed that there are people who are very very good at enlisting others to enable their syntonic states into the fabric of reality? How does that work? Many successful people, artists and geniuses as well as many seriously dysfunctional people emit a kind of syntonic ray that sort of hypnotizes others into clearing a path for their way of being. Do we pick up on a strong and understandable syntonics at some level and then unconsciously commit to fostering conditions that will support them?

Many friendships/relationships are based on one's ability to know and respect another's syntonic states. You could say that one definition of "love" is when people are moved by and therefore deeply want to promote someone else's syntonia. How romantic is that?


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