Thursday, November 11, 2010

We revolt because we can no longer breathe...

The worlds of power will make demands on the worlds of people. It's natural. It doesn't have to be the evil warlords versus the wilted downtrodden. It can be the people and the systems who govern understanding that their efforts and their schemes produce resonant effects, some bearable and others an affront to our human conditions.

When we feel that these systems squelch too much of our being, our palette of behaviors, beliefs, identities, rights, and emotions, it is also natural that we should seek out new systems and new people to run and monitor the worlds of power. Voting is one way and rebellion is another. When the indignity crosses a certain line only the latter can express the proper discontent and usher in the proper ation. The pain and the violence of change must be recognized in a real and public way. Gentle communal violence and dignity is the way you get a nice velvety revolution.

(Still from Claire Denis' "35 Shots of Rum")


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