Monday, November 08, 2010

Welcome to my mind...

I'm so impressed with all of these people who call into radio shows and can talk through their thoughts so well. I mean the hosts are expected to communicate well, but when average citizens call in to let's say, Larry Mantle's nicely wordy morning show on KPCC, I'm generally surprised at how fluent and radio-ready us everyday citizens is. I'm aware that the callers are screened, which raises a whole other kettle of jellyfish. Maybe I'll create a radio show for people who are screened out of radio shows.

While I find myself being articulate and verbally gregarious at times, it also true that a certain portion of my consciousness is made up of wordless emotions and psychic weather systems that include dark clouds of angst and cerebral lightning. In conversation, I can and occasionally do fall into that side of the pie mid-sentence. In those instances, I am left having to explain to my conversation partners that I've lost my thought. It's embarrassing and also a little frightening, especially when you keep hearing all of those fast talkers on the radio box. Focus Pablo, focus!

I hate getting into an is there something wrong with me? state as much as the next cat. So, I've come to accept that sometimes life is like waking up in a bathtub of tar or molasses and not being able to understand why you are in a bathtub of tar or molasses.


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