Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Optimism for the ages...

Hi America! How's it going? I had a couple of silly thoughts to share. Got a second? Always appreciate an open ear.

I'm thinking that our current god, Capitalism, wouldn't suck such sweaty, dung-slung, toxic moose cock if he didn't continually, insidiously, turn good people into willful coprophagiacs. Our rush for success on this god's terms has us all toilet-snorkeling in a rhinestone-studded bowl. We create so much shit and we call it gold. Isn't it great?!

Do you see what I see? A gifted continent being consumed by its blind spots. A hypnotized nation in faithful zombie-like service of a shimmering sputum-catcher of a social space. The way we move, the noises we make, the things we obsess over, the things we build. Our shared American reality has become a graceless, affected, overwrought, hideous, and blaring place. Like a broken commode, it overflows with ugly things, dumb ads, useless media, sneaky politics, junk food, shopping holidays, brain-erasing myths, and fat-sucking devices that swamp our money-addled attention until our bank accounts are zeroed out and/or we thankfully drop dead to make room for more eager, photo-ready latrine flies.

But you know amigos, if we could change this shared sewage dump for our ugliest messages, scheming political manipulations, and shittiest hopes for cash reward, then our participation might mean something. It might lead us to a social space actually worth living in. We all want to participate in humanity. In this wonderful thing called life. We accept the need for a communal, imaginary reality that is malleable and safe and inclusive. But it doesn't have to suck.

As it stands, the rules of the game are just too masochistic for many of us. Why should we savor the stench of our polluted mainstream? Why should we contribute to sewer lines engineered to irrigate a rancid, econo-drunk system? Why pass on irradiated DNA that wants to slavishly maintain such manic, worthless offerings? Why play nice in a greedy system that encourages its players to earn and turn away from the maggot-infested culture they've created? Is it truly our highest calling to ferret pennies away from the marketplace back to our caves where, at last, we can reupholster our unseeing eyeballs our unhearing ears in combed Egyptian cotton to the envy of our disliked friends? What's going on?

Fix this shit or asphyxiate. Right America? Let's stop identifying ourselves as careless producers-consumers of garbage. Let's reclaim our human dignity. What content do we the people want our social space to hold? Isn't that the conversation?


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