Monday, January 10, 2011

Beyond planning and trying...

A man on earth patiently waited for god to emerge through him. I had a shocking sensation of being alive while watching this, of existing. Mind and desire and modern concerns were frozen for a moment.

John Bunion (J. B.) Murray (1908-1988) was a farmer who lived in rural Glascock County, Georgia. When he was approximately seventy years of age, believing he had experienced a vision from God, he began writing a non discursive script on adding machine tape, wall board, and stationery. He described it as "the language of the Holy Spirit, direct from God" and interpreted it using a bottle of water as a focusing device.

Great little films all throughout the FolkStreams site.

(Writing in Unknown Tongue: Reading through the Water by Judith Mcwillie, 1986)


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