Thursday, September 08, 2011

You dig?

CG Jung had a fine-sized mid-life crisis without which the world could not possibly have embraced the stone-cutting, shadow-loving sage we know of today.

"The focus of these critical years," said Carl, "simply had to be a struggle with my narcissism: the loss of idealized others and the absorbing of surrogate selves, the pride and grandiosity in the sphere of the self, and the resulting periods of narcissistic rage."

Only by entering the psychic labyrinths where his buried narcissism lived and ruled, by poking holes in the resistant crust around his own blind spot, and seeing the beast at work, could that alchemical process occur by which Jung taps into his most vital essence and emerges as a truly independent theorist (and human being).

(Herzog: Lessons of Darkness)


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