Friday, February 08, 2013

United Negations...

I propose a radical but gentle re-appropriation of "Just Say No!" While we the people still have power (and I think we do, but only for minute or so more), let's say no to what ails us for a one-year trial and embrace the positives of that negation. A soft anarchy toward an overdue correction.

What about no US presidential election in 2016? What about no drones above, no fracking below? No governments, no power-plays, no leaders. No media. No narratives fed. No Fed. No money. No advertising. No junk food. No toxic chemicals. No wars. No guns. No crime. No punishment. No "because we can" technology and attitudes.

Shit, I'm rewriting "Imagine" here, aren't I... Well, imagine it. Are we grown up enough as a species to take care of ourselves for one year without being told what to do? Are there enough examples out there, gentleman and gentlewoman anarchists, who are able to show us how to live life away from the game of civilization?

For general safety and emergencies, we'll keep the hospitals and the fire departments open and the rescue dogs well fed. And libraries and the internet can stay too, for learning how to do things and empowering entertainments.

"Unicorns and rainbows" you say scoffing me off, because maybe you're liking this, because maybe logic has infiltrated your mind like ivy on a building, because maybe you're a little drunk on this Kool-aid, this game.

But you know that there really is no reason why we can't unplug the exponential cancer to try another game, to see what it's like to live unadorned. Only the will is absent, probably because we're collectively hypnotized away from embracing our own existence.

And if it goes wrong, meaning if we were to try this experiment and the lesser angels of our nature triumph, it will still have been the most encouraging thing we've done.


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