Thursday, December 29, 2005

Boob Tube '05...

Aside from the news, The Daily Show, NASA TV, The Weather Chanel and TCM, there ain't much going on on the television. Or so we thought until our friend Shira told us about a little show called "Little Britain" on cable's BBC USA. Here you will find the comedy stylings of Mr. Matt Lucas and Mr. David Walliams (pictured here left and right respectively with some unknown admirer in the middle). And here, depending on the state of your funny bone, you might find uncontrollable fits of laughter walloping up from your insides, the kind you vaguely remember from grade school that made your ribs ache and juice snorfle out your nose. The show's random succession of fringe-charcter driven skits owes plenty to Monty Python, not to mention Britain's love for having men dress up as ladies, and it all works out more than fine. OK, Here's another photo from the show. Enjoy.