Monday, February 13, 2006

Dick Cheney is ok...

Good news America... The Vice President is ok. His buddies might be riddled with buckshot, his government might be corrupt, his country might be sliding down the tubes, but rest assured Dick Cheney is fine. But is "Number 2" a klutz or a sadist? Does one in his position really shoot someone by accident or "by accident" (and take more than 24 hours to reveal said "accident"). Why is it all too easy to picture a non-compliant "campaign contributer" lying on the forest floor, bleeding all over his parka, and Cheney leaning over him, smoking gun in hand, whispering "Next time it's your head Harry..." On the other hand, if it is just an accident, how secure should we feel? Isn't this the man proposing that nuclear energy is the solution to our addiction to oil? Thank God it's Bushie who carries the football. At least he's not too accident prone.


Blogger pigatschmo said...

Good point. If we can't trust him with a rifle, how are we supposed to trust him with the largest arsenal in the world?

8:39 PM  

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