Sunday, December 17, 2006


Three years ago today, I met someone on the back of a blue whale. She lept at me, looking for "a light." As it turns out, that is exactly what she gave to me. Most sly this one... I'll confess that on December 16, 2003 I was a man t-h-i-s close to spiraling off into cold, cynnical waters. One day later, fate or chance or high winds brought my ship into her Bay - a living breathing place where whales and other aquatic life came to de-barnacle and rekindle salted spirits. Here in this shelter, I was invited to drop anchor, and partake in her mysterious sanctuary.

She is wise and wonderful beyond her years. Her presence fills you with sweet and stirring songs, written across your soul in indellible squid ink, to be sung with gusto back in stormy seas. I consider myself blessed to have met such a mermaid.

In three years time, her light and beauty and effortless creativity, have dazzled my molecules. She is the magnet that draws my scattered particles forward. The phosphoresence that illuminates a path through the waves. The grace of the cosmos. The needle in my compass. The spike that keeps my foot nailed to the earth (a feat worth footnoting). We make a good team. We are a work in progress. Stay tuned!


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