Thursday, December 14, 2006

THE END is nice...

Wonderful dreams of massive tidal waves coming to shore last night. Seeing them miles out along the horizon as towering liquid mountains with wild frothy plumes of windblown whitecaps at the top. No dread, rather the sheer excitement that something divine was immanently upon us. Many gawkers at the shoreline, not panicking, not realizing that the waves would engulf them. I climb up a tall staircase built into a cliff, following a (white) girl who has tattooed her entire body (not her face or hands) a deep eggplant black. She covers her bikini with a black silk apron. She is a waitress in a posh restaurant called Paradise Gardens, an al fresco eatery with bright white marble floors and low green arches. I can see that smaller tidal waves are hitting the beach below in slow motion, people are bobbing in the frothy water, going under, but no screaming. Still a feeling of awe and positivity. There are two sheep with no eyes at my feet on a patch of grass. The sun is shining. The day is warm. I can smell the salt water. The end will be nice.

I see this as an overwhelmingly positive dream. The levels of dopamine in my system upon awaking were off the charts. It's obvious that there is some sexual energy here, but more importantly there is divine energy. It took me until this very moment to realize the Noah's Ark aspect. Especially the two blind sheep. Could I be telling myself to embrace my inner-Noah? To gather the innocent beasts, and the wild things, and prepare for an ending? A deluge? A massive cleansing? A new beginning? Or could this just be the old Judeo-Christian biblical foundations rearing their dramatic heads once again...

In the dull paradise gardens of Southern California, the soul yearns for extremes. For jolts and lightning bolts. For slates to be wiped clear and clean. As I go through a period of challenge and reinvention the dream seems to affirm my wobbly course and reminds me of the power of fearlessness in the face of some potentially terrifying circumstances. Either that, or it's time to take some scuba lessons.

(Hokusai, of course)


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