Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Obama, not Osama"...

"Will Sen. Barak Hussein Obama's name have an effect on his political game?" blare the CNN headlines...

I don't know who irks me more: CNN for reporting on this kind of infantile shite, or the very real people for whom such ridiculousness actually matters (or me, for posting the above picture). It doesn't help that Rush Limbaugh keeps referring to him as Obama Osama (see for yourself). Hey, our current prez is called "Bush" does that mean he's a pussy? Actually, I'll let CNN go on this one, since their report is fairly tongue in cheek, and actually calls attention to the dunderheaded man-on-the-street who sincerely believe that "Barak Obama is still out there somewhere, and is a major threat to our national security."

More troubling are the ranking US congress members who serve in leadership positions on massively influential intelligence committees, who when questioned, simply did not know basic information. Silvestre Reyes, the newly appointed head of the House Intelligence Committee was completely flummoxed when it came to stating whether al-Qaeda is a Suni or Shia run organization, and likewise whether Hezbollah is a Suni or Shia run organization. Hell, even I know that.

BBC reports: "The office of Mr. Reyes, when asked for comment, said only that he was acutely aware of al-Qaeda's desire to harm Americans and the House Intelligence Committee would keep its eye on the ball." Read all about it here.

We're doomed.


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