Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nice to Media!

"These days you don't exist until you exist in some form of media," says brother Ted this morning at breakfast. We were talking about My Space phenomenon, but the smae goes for any of the myriad of digital characters we inhabit in the 21st C. People work so hard to create these enhanced, imagined, virtual versions of themselves and then live their actual lives heavily boldtered and influenced by the character they've created online.

In short, life itself is not for living any more. Life without media enhancement is nowheresville. OK sure, eventually plain of life will become cool again, retro, like owning a turntable or a typewriter. "Oh wow, look, you just live in life, no media enrichment. Cool! What's that like?" All of this is happening very quickly, and I would argue that the species is modifying at an alarmingly exponential rate. Not to be an alarmist, just an observationalist.


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