Saturday, December 02, 2006

A poke in the bird's eye...

You find something really great that fills you with enthusiasm and creative inspiration. Great! Lucky you... You hang that thing in your mind like a shiny new shirt on a hanger. Wow. You make a mental note to find the right way to incorporate this great new thing into your life, your work, your output. Time passes, and then someone else comes along and puts the great thing out there. They not only beat you to it, but they made a mockery of your personal attachment to the great thing. Poor you.

Anyhow, I was so excited to discover Olivo Barbieri and his tilt-shift lenses earlier this year. There was something in aerial photography that I thought was being missed, something mythical instead of informational, and he captured that missing aspect so well. I wrote him letters, dreamed up and jotted down projects I'd like to do with him, namely involving moving images that put the effect to good use. When nothing came of all that, I moved on.

So it is with mixed emotions that I present to you Thom Yorke's new video. I suppose I could be secretly lattered. But I'd much rather mope about it publicly. A piece of advice: If you happen to be born an Aquarius with a year lead on the creative zeitgeist, make sure you get yourself to a place where you can do something with that.

Read all about tilt-shift and the usurpers of so-called "Smallgantics" here and here.

Some really jaw droppingly beautiful tilt-shift samples (including the one above) found here at the bitter*girls. Wow wow wow! Still makes my belly tingle.


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