Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This way to the Egress...

Why do people go to museums and galleries with that look of hope and confusion written all over their faces? What are they looking for? Don't they know that artists and curators conspire to hypnotize us into looking at the art they want us to immortalize for them? Don't the gallery-going, museum-loving culture vultures with their fancy scarves and eyewear (or their big shorts and striped t-shirts) see that they have paid to be hoodwinked? Look, there's nothing wrong with appreciating art. But trust yourself. Find art anywhere. And keep your wits about you in controlled art environments. True aesthetic abandon will find you, you don't have to surrender beforehand.

How many great artists go unrecognized simply because so many sheep-people need someone to grab their heads and physically point them in the direction of work that is supposedly worthy. "Ooo, Ahhh" we say on cue. But take a look out the window at any gallery or museum. Can the art on the walls really make you go "Ooo, Ahhh" any more than what you see happening outside? Very rarely. When it does, you'll definitely hear me going, "Ooo, Ahhh" right here for your benefit. Art happens mostly in the viewers' eyes, rarely in the art object itself.


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