Sunday, April 29, 2007

Who cheesed my move?

Having too many expectations is an obvious set up for disappointment. Having few is, in theory, not a problem, and is a key to walking the humble path. But in practice, ignoring your fantasy (afterall what is an expectation but a desire for reality to comply to your imagination) can chip away at one's dignity and one's place in the social space. Does that matter to you?

If you are known not to have high expectations, human nature dictatates that you are denying yourself access the good stuff. People tend to save that good bottle of wine, that special chocolate, that artesanal cheese, for the people who seem to demand it by nature. And it isn't just stuff you might be cutting yourself off from - it's access to modes of living, services, ideas, environments that have been placed "on reserve" for those who go to lengths to demand them.

You've worked hard and done well to suppress your ego and your expectations, and you really don't mind "second class" treatment, since you don't view the world in that way. But you do get glimpses of other assholes, who seem to be reaping benefits right and left from nothing more than their sense of entitlement. And you've got to admit that gets you in the gut.

The people who are ruthlessly hungry for power are the ones who tend to get it (by whatever means necessary). Business is all about this dynamic of course. In a world driven by competition, what we would instinctively call bad behavior is well rewarded and sets a tone that reverberates throughout society. Do selfish, greedy, egomaniacs rule the world? If so, do you admire this? What are you entitled to?

As they say in Russia: "You get free cheese only in a mousetrap."

("Monica Bellucci Covered in Caviar" by Unknown)


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