Saturday, November 13, 2010

Confounding Mix...

The compartmentalization of the psyche isn't a bad thing. You need to draw lines in your mind and be able to move from one headspace to another as reality dictates. But the compartmentalization of art and entertainment in the name of finding and exploiting so-called "target audiences" is getting me down.

What makes something interesting is often a function of juxtaposition. When you place a frame around something that is whole, something that is consistently itself, I end up lamenting the absence of something, rather than celebrating the (ho hum) singularity of what's in front of me.

Marilyn Minter's sexy caviar slurping photography offers a jolt, it's true, but even so I feel a little boxed in to that sexy caviar slurping modality. See what happens when you introduce a pigmy seahorse from a nature documentary into the mix? You've combined worlds, you've de-compartmentalized, you've built bridges, you've begun a dialog, you've conspired to bring down those market driven Berlin Walls in the name of something truly, um, undefined. In my view, dazzling, dynamic perplexity is a nice way forward.

(Minter v. Shallow Seas)


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