Thursday, November 03, 2011

Medium is the massage...

The state of beige is a little frightening. But you know what? That's just the initial non-shock of it. When your world has been all scarlets and aubergines well, that tan tonality might just seem a little empty. Really though, it is its inherent neutrality, its medium grade, that makes beige the perfect canvas color on which to paint a life. That something can be ordinary and extraordinary at the same time is worth remembering. The extremes have (had) their place, and one can grow to find comfort in their drama, but the calm mediums, the relaxed schemas, are where the real action takes place. In other words, when your insides are a swirling samovar of psychedelia the material world doesn't stand a chance. Come to think of it, I've always liked the combination of tan red and black. I suppose there's some B.L. Montgomery in me ready for a campaign in the beige desert.


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