Monday, November 21, 2011

You make art happen...

The more I live the more I'm convinced that art is a reflection of the consumer, not the producer. We fetishize/project all kinds of things onto creators, and I'm down with that as a phenomenon. I often find the artist more interesting than their art. When it comes to leaning on the artist for extracting a meaning, I generally call foul. I'm not saying that artists' intentions are unimportant, I'm saying that one's experience with an artwork is ultimately more personal than code cracking.

Most art is meaningless to me and I'm ok with that. I'm not really interested in contextualizing at this stage. Too cerebral, too distracting, a quagmire I'd rather avoid. The stuff that stronks my neurons gets absorbed, and the stuff that successfully ignites two or more chakras gets my allegiance. The stuff that arrests me in my tracks, that hijacks and derails my own inner art show, well that's really what it's all about now isn't it...

(Adam Eckberg)


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