Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lens face...

We no longer see the world through our own eyes but through the lens of a camera. We have trained ourselves to see the world cinematically.

Our definition of life and how to live it has become more and more movie-like. This is neither bad nor good, or I should say it has the potential to be both. If life is increasingly based on movies, I guess the question is which movies are you watching? What cinematic reality are you summoning? Pre-cinema life on earth was about facing up to reality and doing your part. No complaints. There was really no other option, save for a few scholars and artists and royals. In the last hundred years many cultures have shifted towards the more cinematic "create your reality" modality. Choose your part and if you don't like it, change it. If the setting bothers you switch the channel. If your wheels aren't sexy, pimp them. What a shock this would be to our great great grandparents! Once they grasped the concept, would they approve of how we are using our cinematic minds?


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